New Day Learning & Therapy Clinic (NDL) is located in Bangkok, Thailand and offers a special education programme which is adapted from the UK National Curriculum. We establish a supportive learning system for children with special educational needs with the involvement of our special education teachers, licensed therapists and with the help of each students family participation.

Our Mission

New Day Learning is a child-centred whole community approach to supporting a child with different learning needs. The programme brings together everyone is a child’s life to create a well-rounded learning environment both at home and at school. Together our students learn important cognitive and social-emotional skills to build a strong foundation for a successful and fulfilling life.

Our Programme’s Goals 

New Day Learning Programmes are designed with the child in mind.  We work with the understanding that building a strong support system around the child aids them in their development. Our professionals believe in working closely with our families to create a consistent approach to learning for each child. The programme is tailored towards the individual needs of each child and families needs.