Speech and Language Therapy are developed by our pathologist to improve the student difficulty with communication, interaction and understand the language by reading, writing and speaking. The communication problem is affected by speech sound and phonemic disorders, dysarthria and language delay disorder in learning of the students. So, our therapist will provide varieties of teaching technique to stimulate their communication to be able to express their feeling of needs and wants individually.

There are what we offer for speech and language therapy;


  • Verbal Therapy by strength their speech muscles in order to speak the words and sentences clearly without stuttering.
  • Visual and reading support by strength their reading comprehension and processing the language in order to understand the whole pictures in their mind.
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is support the students who inability to speak to be able to communicate with other people through picture exchange of what their wants.
  • Hanen Programme to develop early language to have effective conversation.

Therefore, the students will get the benefit of speech and language therapy of what we offer to understand the language and express their thinking, emotion, fluency to speak and being self-esteem to communicate with others effectively.

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