Camps & Clubs

New Day Learning & Therapy Clinic offers a range of Saturday Clubs and Camps that run throughout the academic year.

The Camps and Clubs programs at NDL provide a safe environment for children to develop social skills, decision-making skills and experience new activities with peers. Its especially important for students to build relationships with new circle of friends and to have the opportunity to accomplish new challenges.

NDL especially provides Camps & Clubs for students with special education needs who need additional support. We provide for our community of students the opportunity for growth and development in areas they may not get to experience at school.

Students that enroll in the Camps & Clubs program

The student demographic for Saturday Clubs and Summer Camp range from NES students, EAL students and students with additional learning needs. We encourage families to take this opportunity for student to be able to access these fun activities through the visual learning environment NDL can provide.

Who are our Camps & Club Leaders?

NDL Camps & Club Leaders are educators with backgrounds in special education, psychology and early

childhood education.

What Camps and Clubs are available?

The timetable of camps and clubs is available in the NDL Office. We ask that families contact the NDL Office so they can speak to our Program Coordinator regarding supports their neurodiverse child may need to be success in the Camps and Clubs program.

Will my child need a learning support teacher (LSA)?

If your child is currently supported by an LSA in their regular classroom, we ask that this information be provided to the Program Coordinator for evaluation before the enrollment into the Camps & Clubs program. LSA’s are also available by request of the families and are at an additional cost.