The aim of an assessments is to identify the areas of need for each child. Our assessments are administered by qualified professionals in the field of speech and language, occupational therapy, educational/clinical psychology and more.

Families in need of assessment services for:

  • Learning difficulties
  • Delayed age appropriate gross motor & fine motor skills
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  • Speech & Language / Communication disorders
  • Phonological awareness, verbal processing
  • Physical, cognitive and sensory difficulties



What are the benefits of assessment?

A baseline assessment can help educators, therapists and families understand the skills of each child. It also allows for a clear pictures in which interventions can then be put into place to help each child grow and achieve new skills.

An assessment would be able to provide feedback about:

  • What is the student’s knowledge base?
  • What is the student’s performance base?
  • What are the student’s needs?
  • What has to be taught?

In special education it is also helpful to assess the progress of each child by looking over

  • How is the student doing?
  • What teaching methods or approaches are most effective?
  • What changes or modifications to a lesson are needed to help the student?

The use of standardized and alternative assessments allows the tester to get a well rounded overview of the child and their skills.

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