At New Day Learning, our goal is to support a wide range of students with a strong educational system tailored to their individual needs. Also, providing a positive environment for developing our special educational need students in the areas of academics, cognition, communication and social-emotion skills. 

Special Education Teacher 

Our education teachers are well organized and modify special education curriculum to support the student to progress and success in their life skill. There will be everyday planning lessons, assign the activities for the student to get belonging with other students in the class, evaluate student progress and having a meeting with the student’s parent at the end of each term.

Core Subjects

We provide Individualized Education Plans for students in the areas of English, Maths and Science. 

Foundation Subjects

We provide a wide range of foundation subjects such as art, computing, physical education, horse riding and other activities to develop the student’s creativity, social communication skills and life skills to be independent adults.

Positive Behaviour Support

We provide services for positive behaviour support for each individual student in order to improve their quality of life and decrease challenging behaviours.

Individual Education Plan (IEP)

Individual Education Plan implemented by our teachers and therapists help to achieve each students goals for growth.

Life Skills Training

We provide life skills activities inside and outside the classroom in order to teach students to be independent and well prepared for daily life in adulthood.